Cono NightSeer 335R and 350R Thermal Imaging Scopes

Cono NightSeer 335R and NightSeer 350R are the compact rugged thermal imaging scopes developed for 24 hrs operation under any weather and environmental conditions.

Two modifications of objective lenses allows to choose perfect unit for your needs where 35mm lens designed for short range shooting, while 50 mm lens model will be great for medium range.

Powered with two CR123 batteries, The Cono NightSeer gives up to 5 hours of continuous work and and optional external battery pack with high-capacity is capable of increasing the total operation time to up to 44 hours. Optionally the capabilities of the device can be integrated with Wifi module and video recorder.

FEATURES:                            Technical PDF Data Sheet of NightSeer rifle series

Lightweight and compact design  Easy to operate device  High resolution 1024×768 display  Waterproof

Wifi / video reorder(optional)  Powered by two standard CR123A batteries  External power supply via micro USB