MS 80mm – 100mm ED-APO large

The new, high quality APM MS binoculars are designed specifically for outdoor use. The MS Binos series are waterproof and can be used in the rain or left unprotected on a tripod during showers without the worry of water penetration.

ln addition to waterproofing, the binoculars are protected with a durable natural rubber covering. All binoculars are filled with nitrogen, this prevents on the one hand the fogging from inside, and on the other hand guards against contaminations such as from lens fungus etc.

Featuring a high specification for the porro prism optical system, the clarity and field of view accomplished by the glasses make it an excellent choice for astronomy, and also toward long range terrestrial observation as well as specialised outdoor applications such as aircraft observation. All models provide long eye relief and yield a full field of view with or without spectacles.

The 80mm glass can be used as hand held instrument, but using a photo or video tripod especially for the higher magnifications and the 1OOmm glass is strongly recommended.

Further technical properties correspond to those of the 50mm /70mm MS binoculars.