with 2″eyepiece holders

 APM-ED150-Bino45-FK61 | 28X

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This APM binocular is among the most powerful binoculars in the world. The 2~element ED lenses with an extremely large diameter of T50 mm and the high-resolution optics with state-of-the-art broad-band multicoating guarantee extremely bright and sharp images, on which every detail can be seen from a great distance. The high-quality Extra Low Dispersion (ED) Glass FK-61 reduces the possible residual color errors to a minimum. The extremely precise adjustment also allows high magnification factors and is characterized by an excellent resolution.

The binocular has 2“ eyepiece holders. The delivery contains two 30mm eyepieces with 28x magnification. The eyepieces can be changed by what different magnifications can be achieved. The Focal position was chosen so that TeleVue Delos, Nagler, Panoptic eyepieces, and the Docter 12.5mm UWA eyepiece can be focused’

Slidable dew shields with front cover plate, a carrying handle with sighting device, a photo tripod adapter with 3/8“ and 1/4“ thread connection are integrated. To keep the weight to a minimum, the binoculars housing is made of magnesium. The binoculars are waterproofed and nitrogen filled against fogging and lens fungus. The binocular is available as 45° version, l and can be used for astronomical as well as nature observation.


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